Rules & Regulations

Heber RV Resort – Rules and Regulations

The Resort Rules and Regulations outlined below are in place to ensure safe and quiet enjoyment for all residents while staying at the Resort.  Please direct questions or concerns to the Office or Management.

Check-Out Time: 11 am; Check-In Time:  1 pm.  When checking out prior to your scheduled departure date, you agree to relinquish the site back to the Resort and understand that unused rents are non-refundable, and the site will be reassigned.

RATES, RESERVATIONS & CANCELLATIONS:  Rates are based on double occupancy – 2 adults, registered residents only.  We do not allow sub-letting of any kind.  If a unit is sold, it must be removed from the Resort, unless prior approval from management has been granted.  All Guests must be registered at the Office.

Rates include water, sewer, trash and basic WiFi.  Daily and Weekly rates include electricity but do not include taxes.  All reservations require a credit card on file.  When paying the balance due on your reservation with a credit card, a 3.5% processing fee is charged.

Daily and Weekly reservations require full payment at time of booking – there are no refunds for cancellation.  We will adjust the start date once per season, based on site availability.

All reservations with a start date that is less than 61-days from the booking date require full payment at time of booking – there are no refunds for cancellation.  We will adjust the start date once per season, based on site availability.

A $150 deposit is required for Monthly and longer reservations when the start date is more than 61-days from the booking date.  $100 of the deposit is refunded when written notice is received at the Office at least 60-days prior to the start date.

Full payment of any remaining balance is due on the start date.  Annual residents may pay the balance at check-in if arriving not more than 5 days after the start date.  Late fees are $50 plus $5 per day thereafter.  If payment is not received within 10 days, the Resort will 1) cancel the reservation, or 2) charge the balance due plus a 3.5% processing fee to the credit card on file.  We accept cash, check, and Visa/MasterCard.

Reservations are considered a “no show” at the end of the 3rd day past the start date.  The entire deposit is forfeited, and the space is reassigned.  You must notify the Office if you are leaving the resort for 30 days or longer. When notice is not received, the reservation will be checked out on the 30th day and the site will be reassigned without notification to the resident.

RV SITES:  Only one, fully self-contained (must have holding tanks) RV allowed per site. Pop up trailers, truck campers and tents are not permitted.  Residents are responsible for keeping the site in neat order including raking of pine needles/cones (place at edge of site for pickup), and disposal of trash and other unwanted items.  Storing items under the RV is not permitted.  Power lines, cables, hoses, fire pits, etc., may not be buried underground.

SITE SELECTION:  Site selection is guaranteed for reservations lasting 5 months and longer.  All other reservations are subject to site change at Management discretion.

PARKING YOUR RV:  You MUST check-in PRIOR to parking the RV as the site may have changed.  Resort Representatives will lead you to the site and monitor parking progress.  RV Owner assumes full responsibility for any damage incurred to personal property while parking and while parked at the Resort.  All vehicles must park within assigned site parameters.  Do not park on vacant sites or driveways, unless directed by Management.  Guest parking is provided at the clubhouse.

VEHICLES: One vehicle allowed per site; a second vehicle is permitted if parked within site parameters.  Repair work on vehicles is not permitted. Vehicles must not block the main drive, other sites or fire and exit lanes.  The maximum speed limit is 5-MPH.  Quads, golf carts, motorcycles, etc., are idle-in/out only – riding around the resort is not permitted. Only drivers possessing a valid license may operate vehicles at the Resort.  Guests may park at the site if they do not block the main drive or other sites.

CARGO/FLATBED TRAILERS:  Short-term residents must notify the Office if they are bringing a utility trailer to the Resort because there are a limited number of sites that will accommodate a utility trailer.  The Resort has a limited number of trailer storage sites with in/out privileges.  Please tell us if you are bringing a trailer when you book your reservation – trailer storage sites are not guaranteed.

Annual resident are permitted to park pre-approved utility and/or cargo trailers at the site.  However, there is a maximum limit to the number of items allowed at each site.  Management determines if the site will accommodate trailers and vehicles.  All other vehicles and trailers should be stored off-site.

SITE IMPROVEMENTS:  ONLY Annual residents may install site improvements, pre-approval from Management is required, including gazebos, sheds, decks, stairs, fencing, and water features. Household furniture and saunas/spas are not permitted outside your RV.  RV skirting is not permitted.  The Office will provide the Site Improvement Policy for Annual Residents, all improvements must be approved by Management prior to installation.

Portable, pop-up and instant-up gazebos, canopies, shade tents and vehicle covers are not permitted at any site. 

VISITORS: A Visitor stays for the day…All Residents may host Visitors. Residents are responsible for any damage caused by Visitors.

GUESTS: A Guest spends the night…All Guests must be registered at the Office upon arrival at the Resort.

*Resident must be present while guests are at the site, RV and Resort
*Maximum guests allowed is 2 for a site occupancy total of 4
*Guests may stay up to 14 days, maximum stay is 28 days/season
*Unregistered guests will be asked to leave the resort immediately
*Guests are not allowed to bring pets to the resort
*Children must be supervised by an adult while at the resort
*Children are allowed in the Clubhouse with a supervising adult
*Residents are responsible for damages &/or charges created by their guests
*Visitors and Guests must follow all resort Rules & Regulations
*Guest Fee: $5/day or $25/week (no fee for guests under 2 years of age)

EXTENDING THE RESERVATION:  When extending a weekly stay to a monthly reservation, the weekly rate is charged. Long-term reservations may be pro-rated, based on the length of the stay.

SEASONS & SERVICES:  The “Season” starts April 15th and ends October 15th (depending on weather conditions at Management discretion).  During the Season, the Office and Clubhouse are open during posted hours and for scheduled events.  The outdoor Annex features restroom, showers and laundry facilities available for residents to use during posted hours.  Electricity, water, sewer, trash and WiFi services are available year-round, based on availability.  Annual residents may choose to occupy their RV at the site during the off-season (Nov – Mar) with limited services.  Winterizing RVs left at the site is the responsibility of the Resident.

ELECTRICITY:  Monthly and Annual residents receive an invoice for monthly metered use. Residents may pay by cash, check, or choose to preauthorize payments to the credit card on file – these payments do not incur a credit card processing fee.  Full payment is due within five (5) days of invoice date.  If payment is not received within 5 days, the balance plus a 3.5% processing fee will be charged to the credit card on file. Any invoices not paid prior to departure will be charged to the credit card on file, plus the processing fee.  Residents receive a receipt by email for any payments charged to the credit card.  The Resort does not provide 30- or 50-amp adapters, so bring them along just in case.  Residents are not permitted to install locks on Electrical Pedestal boxes, but can wrap a cable lock around the pedestal to secure a surge protector.

FIRES: Propane fire rings are allowed at your site, but charcoal grills or fire pits that require wood or pellets are not allowed.  The Resort provides a community fire-pit available for use ONLY AFTER CHECKING AT THE OFFICE FOR LOCAL FIRE RESTRICTIONS.  Contact the office prior to any use of the fire-pit.

PETS:  All pets must be registered at time of check in, 2-pet maximum allowed per site.  Breed Restrictions: Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s, Doberman Pincers, Chows, Wolf Hybrids, etc.; Management reserves the right to disallow additional breeds at their discretion. Insurance/License: Pet owners must carry a homeowner’s insurance policy with liability coverage for their pets. Management may require pet owner to provide proof of insurance, immunization and city licensing for pet. Designated Pet Area: The resort provides a designated off-leash area for your pet to enjoy. Please use the provided bags and bins to dispose of pet waste in this area. Access: Pets are not allowed in any resort buildings. Pets must be on a leash when outside your unit/site. When walking pets anywhere in the Resort, pet must be leashed and under control. Pet owners are responsible for the immediate clean up and disposal of pet waste. Pets are not allowed to urinate or defecate at any site, including your own, and around the Clubhouse area. Pens/Fences: Pens/fences are allowed at your site but must be maintained. Resort personnel will advise on maintenance requirements. Never leave pet unattended at your site.  Pet Noise: Management may require guest to remove noisy or nuisance pets at their discretion. If this occurs and the resident chooses to vacate the resort, there are no refunds for unused rent. Service Animals: MUST be registered at check-in and are considered one of the 2-pets allowed per site. All other standard rules apply to Service Animals.  New Pets: Residents must register any new pet acquired during their stay.

Violation of rules by residents will result in immediate eviction – any prepaid rents are forfeited and NO Refunds are given.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and to modify rules and regulations at any time.  The Resort assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss for any cause to a person or property while at the Resort.  Your registration acknowledges your receipt of, and agreement, to these guidelines.

With payment, you; 1) confirm understanding of the Heber RV Resort Cancellation Policy, 2) agree to review and abide by the rules and regulations stated on the Resort’s website, posted at the Resort and documented herein, 3) agree to allow Heber RV Resort to charge your credit card for outstanding balances, 4) certify that your property and pet(s) are protected by your own insurance coverage, and 5) agree to hold Heber RV Resort and it’s representatives harmless in the event of a property or personal loss, 6) agrees to relinquish the site back to the Resort when checking out prior to the reservation end date and understands that unused rents are not refunded.